The Importance of Energy Efficiency

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Friday, 04 November 2011 02:45

The question of energy efficiency is perhaps one of the most important issues facing the human race as a whole. The reasons for this are numerous. Not only is energy efficiency a sound economic platform, it is also a vital part of an overall approach to the way in which mankind relates to the environment around them. In short, energy efficiency can be seen as a necessary universal philosophy that must be adopted in order to ensure the future of the planet.
The economic aspects of adopting an agenda of energy efficiency across the board are themselves founded in practical sense. The resources that are used to fuel transportation and provide power for all of the various functions that have become an integral part of the way in which the modern world operates are not as endless as was once believed. Natural gas and fossil fuel sources that have been relied on so heavily for over a century are being depleted from a lack of energy efficiency at rapidly increasing rates, due to the demands of booming populations of developed nations and infrastructure improvements in third world countries.

Further research and development of alternative means of producing needed energy provides a means of increasing energy efficiency to conserve existing resources, while at the same time reducing energy costs overall. Advancements in biofuel technology, wind and hydraulic power sources, solar energy, and new designs in fuel cells and electric batteries for transportation have already been proven to increase energy efficiency. In time, the costs associated with these forms of power will decrease as they become more integrated into the current global infrastructure. Hopefully the Malaysian government take some active action into bringing more energy efficiency designed product for consumer's and industries.

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Mageswaran Senderal
Water and Energy Consumer Association of Malaysia (WECAM)

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